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Saving the Ears!

Jeff Balch Nascar

Nascar rolled thru Phoenix last week. In my position as a location sound mixer for Nascar Images, monitoring for broacast quality while protecting the ears is the challenge.

Some sound mixers have taken professional racing headsets and modified them with high quality drivers like those found in the popular SonyMDR-7506 headsets.  

Most of the guys that tour with Nascar have custom molded earpieces.  These are the best choice for Camera guys because they can't wear big bulky headsets and shoot at the same time.  My recommendation for these guys is to get a single molded earpiece for their right ear (which is next to the camera) and wear a very high dB earplug in the left ear.

I have chosen to wear earbuds and then place earphones over top.  I use the type of cans you wear when shooting a gun.  With molded earpieces and the headsets, I get double ear protection.  If you are someone that shoots or mixes for races every once in a while, you can even use regular earbuds with shooting cans over top and make it thru the day quite nicely.

High Class Stand-In

Photo by: Tim George

Nice Product stand-in!  One of my Neuman KM185 Hypercardiod
microphones.  These mics have awesome presence and ambient
rejection while still maintaining a big open sound.  I love them for
dialogue and interviews (I own 3)....

SouthwestPhoto by: Mike Kellogg

Southwest airlines has a weight concession for media traveling with alot of baggage.  They still charge you for the number of extra bags but instead of a 50 lb. limit, they allow up to 100 lbs. (as long as you have a valid media credential).  So in the future we will bring bigger and heavier cases, but less of them.


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